Because I said I would Chapters empower the next generation to make and keep promises, strengthen their self-control and use it to better the world around them. We accomplish this through character education and volunteerism founded on service learning.

Our high school Chapters are led by a student leadership team, alongside a dedicated teacher advisor and co- advisor. Together they host Chapter events and allow us to do the following within our program:

        • Monthly meetups of students learning Character Education fundamentals like honesty, accountability, sacrifice, and compassion.
        • Group Volunteer Projects where students engage the community, offering an opportunity to make and keep promises that better the world they live in
        • Leadership Training allows students to develop their abilities and increase their skills in specialized roles as part of the Chapter leadership team.

We are confident that character education with an emphasis on promise keeping and incorporating our Code of Honor will strengthen future generations.We believe there are students that are just one promise away from graduating, helping others, and being leaders in their communities.

1. Character Development for Students

We provide character education and development in two way during our monthly Meetups: individual promises and workshops.

Individual Promises:

Everyone has a promise they are working on fulfilling. Whether it's graduating, standing up to bullying, or another personal commitment, these promises are important to the betterment of ourselves and often the world around us. Evidence in social sciencece strongly suggests that accountability support from other people significantly increases goal attainment rates compared to planning independently and trying to motivate yourself. Because I said I would High School Chapters make it easier for students to hold theselves accountable through the support of others.


Time management. The fallibility of human memory. Word Choice. These are just some of the different character pment topics that are offered in our monthly student run meetings. The activities are designed to teach students how to apply these lessons to their every day life and their promise keeping. Our High School Chapters make it easy for our students to continuously learn by delivering new ideas, stories and research each month in fun video based and activity centered workshop.

2. Service Learning through Volunteerism

Watch the local news for 10 minutes and you will see pain and suffering. The world is in need. Local students of because I said I would Chapters identify and assess needs in their local community and make impactful promises as a team to meet those needs (e.g., clean up trash in the park, help a family in need, support the homeless, etc.) We make it easy and accessible for students to get involved in their local community to make a difference. Volunteering is also an important aspect of Character education. Why does because I said I would believe in Character education. According to, only 36 states specify laws that govern character education in schools. Only 18 of these states mandating character education. Yet, data from shows teens who volunteer are less likely to become pregnant or to use drugs. Adolescent volunteers are also more likely to have positive academic, psychological, and occupational experiences and have a strong work ethic, volunteer, and vote.