Canyon Lake Little League Volunteer Project

The Canyon Lake High School Chapter of because I said I would encourages students to engage the community, offering an opportunity to make and keep promises that better their school, their families and the world they live in. Canyon Lake is a tight knit community that loves to get involved. It’s a small town filled with big hearts. This is why when the because I said I would leaders made a plan of action many others joined in.

Our recreation center holds so many events, from little league sports, to our young life meetings, to recreating the north pole. One of our seniors, Abby Cornell, had the idea to ask if they needed any help around their facilities. Luckily, they had 12 dugouts, a restroom facility and a storage that needed repainting. We decided to invite anybody who wanted to join to come out and help paint. “It was so great to get multiple different groups from our school together to help our community and I was honored to be able to capture all those memorable moments,” said our chapter’s photojournalist, Mariah Haight. We got as many people as we could to come out and show their love for helping others and reshaping the community.

We went out Saturday January 26th ready to get our paint on. We got there and split up into groups and got assignments. Some went to dugouts, some went to a shed, and others went to paint the bathrooms. We were so excited to see the 47 volunteers show up and get to work. It took us a few hours to finish the painting that was necessary. We had so much fun and made the place feel a little brighter.

Riley Mickey, one of our Senior Leaders, stated that “It was so awesome to get to do something so small and be able to make such a big impact on our community and the kids who play baseball at those fields.” The Recreation Center has much to offer our small community and we wanted to do something that would show our appreciation. We brought together a group of people that had one goal in mind, to volunteer our time to do good in our little town. And, “We painted. because We said We would.” (JT Greene). We hope to further our outreach to the surrounding area and inspire others to make our neighborhood a place where promises aren’t only made, but more importantly they are kept. - Tyler Hollums (Senior because I said I would. leader)